"My Stoneware Vessels and sculptural pieces are all created using a method called hand building.
Rather than using a pottery wheel to build my forms, I extrude coils (ropes) of clay. I start off with a half inch slab of clay as my base. I start each piece from the bottom of the form moving up, with my turn table and my most valuable tool... my hands. From this point I build up around the base, placing coils on the edge of this base and blending to make the two parts homogeneous. This is a slow and rhythmical process as the banding wheel is turned slowly and every part of the circumference is pushed and blended into each other using my thumbs. My interest is in exploring the language of form and volume and the challenge of working with textures and converging planes captures my interest. For me creating with clay is an inward journey of self discovery. Grounded to the earth with my hands immersed in the process, I remain in the moment, surrendering to my intuition and learning to trust in myself."

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Contact Laura at orvietoclayart@yahoo.com.

The four main areas of focus presently in Laura's work are:
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The Vessel...
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The Green Man... 1  2 
The Seed Pod... 1  2  3  4