The natural world is amazing. The intricate design and detail of nature's seed pods, the nurturing place of development for various plants, forms the inspiration for this segment of my work. My seed pods come out of an insatiable curiosity to understand the unique forms of these capsules of life. Whether I'm studying the skeleton of a dry leaf, a sea shell that has tumbled for miles through the ocean, or a milk weed pod that has long since sent her offspring to the wind, the inspiration provided by the natural world is the spring board from which I sculpt my creations. It is with intense focus that these wonderful natural forms are recreated in clay. Only then am I able to tap into their true essence, and earn a better understanding of their structure, patterns of growth, and movement through time. It is my hope that this work will help you appreciate not only these small treasures of the natural world, but all the beauty that surrounds us in nature.
"Seed Pod" by Paul Bracey


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