Artistic Statement:
"I have always been drawn to the earth; soil, fossils, plant life, shells, beaches, and all things weathered. Creating with clay is something I do for myself. It is an inward journey of self discovery. Grounded to the earth with my hands immersed in the process, I remain in the moment, surrendering to my intuition and learning to trust myself. Most of my work is done by coil (ropes of clay) building, layered on top of each other, thinned, scored, and paddled. It is a rhythmic process as the banding wheel is turned and every part of the circumference is pushed and blended into each other. There are four main areas of form on which I focus; the vessel, forms open to hold and carry; the Green Man which symbolizes the interconnectedness of man and nature; the human form; and sculptural seed pod forms. The pod is the carrier of seed, holding and protecting life. I'm inspired by the grace found within the natural world. By trying to emulate it, it fills me with awe and a deep reverence."


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The four main areas of focus presently in Laura's work are:
The Human Form... 1 
The Vessel...
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The Green Man... 1  2 
The Seed Pod... 1  2  3  4